What were you dead wrong about until recently?

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Being right.

In the sense of proving yourself right to others, or correcting and arguing with others about thoughts and opinions.

The ego is enormously strong and wants to be right about everything. It’s cantankerous and prickly if you let it. It wants the attention it thinks might come with being right.

I’ve been in fierce arguments about things I ultimately did not care about. All it did was create a divide between myself and the other person. I took stand and then felt the need to defend it. I’ve battled over opinions that I changed a year or two later.

When your ego senses resistance, it digs in. Acquiescence feels like defeat. Your ego builds walls and becomes polemic about your position.

Let people have their opinions and beliefs. You’ll find when you don’t question them or disagree, they’ll move on pretty quickly from talking about it.

Better yet agree with them. The whole issue will dissolve instantly. You’ve found common ground and that’s something to build off of.

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