I am in my late 20s and feel I have wasted a lot of time. Is it too late for me to achieve something worthwhile?

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I was 26 when I graduated college.

I postponed medical school for a few years and ended up in sales in Biotech instead.

I got fired in 2007 when I was 33, and decided to take some time off to start a business.

Then 2008 hit. I was 34 years old, broke, $250K in debt, had been without a job for over a year, and had to borrow money to pay rent. Creditors called me all day long. I had to stop answering my phone.

I couldn’t go back to my old industry because LA, where I had moved to, didn’t have much in Biotech. I had pretty much zero experience in my new industry (online media and Internet), but I persisted, networked and applied to every job I saw. I can’t count the number of jobs I applied for. I had to liquidate anything of value to pay the rent (camera, stereo, etc). Eventually, at the absolute end of finances, I landed a job in online media. I had been without a job for over a year during the worst recession since the great depression.

Fast forward five years. I started and now run one of the leading businesses in my industry. I started the company with $100 after nearly being fired from my last job (I quit before they could fire me). My company has twelve employees, and we’re continuing to grow.

Follow your interests and don’t compare yourself to others or create expectations of where you’re supposed to be. Drop any comparisons altogether. Cultivate a practice of gratitude. Practicing gratitude will help you appreciate what you have, not what you don’t have or haven’t achieved.

Realize you’re young, and it’s not a race. Focus on growth and learning and providing value to the world. You will always be rewarded and paid for providing value. When you provide enough value, you have a business.



  1. Dustyn   •  

    Awesome post, I think this is going to definitely (at the least) bring light to the question for many.

    Personally, although I’m young, I too use to have thoughts and fears about running out of time. Then I realized that this “fear” was completely illogical, because as long as you are moving forward and doing something to go towards your goals; there’s not much else you can do besides work smarter and harder.

    Things will play out, you just have to work. If you aren’t working and you aren’t seeing anything change in your life; well… you should know why.

    Work for your dreams and don’t worry about not getting there “on time.” Because honestly, you never know when success will come. It just comes.

    • admin   •     Author

      This is a great perspective. That feeling never really changes, you can’t control that; but you can just move forward and do what you do.

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