What book did you apply to your life that had a great impact within a year?

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It’s a 30 day blueprint on bringing gratitude into your life. It starts with some basic exercises of how to in a few minutes a day practice gratitude.

It’s amazing what a simple practice can bring into your life. Gratitude is just as she describes it, Magic. It doesn’t supplement knowledge and hard work, but it’s a multiplier for all that.

Gratitude creates the mental framework for building on happiness and letting go of envy. You want the things you have in your life instead of wanting the things you don’t have. It’s the skill of finding more serendipity in your life. When you’re grateful, you become a better person and more good things start to happen.

It’s surprising how simple it is and how dramatically it can change things.

You don’t have to read the book to get started. Start by simply writing down three things you’re grateful for every day. They can be simple things. Then review each and feel that gratitude within you. It’s best to write these down, but you can do this at any point in your day as well.


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